Enable/disable automatic email notifications and automatic email marketing

Automatic Notification Emails

In an effort to make your day to day as easy and streamlined as possible, CourseStorm has created several email notifications that the system will automatically send to your customers based on their interactions with the system.

The emails include:

  • Instructor emails

  • Class Reminder

  • Low enrollment

  • Abandoned Cart

We realize that not all programs operate will want all of these emails to automatically be sent all the time. That’s why we give you the option to enable and disable these as you see fit. The video below walks you through the easy steps of enabling and disabling automatic email notifications.

Automatic Email Marketing

With the automatic email marketing feature, CourseStorm will periodically send emails to selected students to advertise your program's upcoming offerings. Similar to the automatic notification emails, we understand that programs may want to pause their automatic marketing emails for various reasons. That’s why we give Admin Users the ability to toggle this feature on and off, right from the Admin Menu.

To turn automatic marketing emails on or off, simply navigate to Admin Menu > Marketing > Auto Marketing. To turn these emails off, uncheck the box next to “Automatic Email Marketing” and click “Save.” When you’re ready to resume automatic marketing, you can return to this page to reactivate the feature by checking the box and clicking “Save” again.

For a short tutorial on automatic email marketing, including how to turn the feature on or off, please check out this video: