Postponing a Course

How to postpone a course: 

It is easy to postpone a course with CourseStorm; all you need to do is change your class dates.

To start, navigate to your administrator menu:

  1. Click on the class.

  2. Click “Edit”.

  3. Click “Schedule”.

  4. Select your preferred start and end date.

  5. Click “Save Changes”.

Once you have clicked “Save Changes,” your class dates will display the newly inputted range of dates for your students. However, students who are already enrolled in the course will not be aware of the change. Make sure to alert them of the change by emailing the class roster; you can do this quickly and easily through the system. We have an article on emailing your roster if you would like some more information.


Once a class date has already been set, there is no option to set the date as TBD. If you are uncertain about what date you intend to postpone to, we recommend setting a date far enough in advance to make a decision—at the same time, communicating to students that the new date is not yet a firm decision.